Relieving Discomfort Can Equal Sales For Your Store

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When someone with foot pain or biomechanical issues visits a traditional shoe store (“sit & fit”, “comfort”, “orthopedic”), they are often acknowledging that they have been unable to resolve these issues on their own, and are now seeking expertise and superior products to find a durable solution. Many times, they’ll have already tried various products unsuccessfully, and are now open to investing some significant time and money - if you can help them find the right products that will offer genuine relief.

Common foot conditions can often be managed - and sometimes even resolved - with good quality, off-the-shelf orthotic insoles: 

  • Pes planus - a.k.a. flat feet, can lead to over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and other issues

  • Plantar fasciitis: heel and/or arch pain caused by strained connective tissue on the bottom of the foot (plantar fascia)

  • Over-pronation: foot and ankle turn inward excessively while walking

  • Fat Pad Atrophy: (a.k.a. "bony feet") gradual loss of the fat pad in the ball or heel of the foot, can increase strain and pressure on sensitive connective tissues and to inflammation and micro-tears.

  • Metatarsalgia: pain and bruising in the fore-foot area, may be caused by “fat pad atrophy”

  • Heel spurs: pain and bruising in the rear-foot area, may be caused by “fat pad atrophy”

  • Neuroma: irritated or entrapped nerves, generally in the metatarsal area


So how do these common foot ailments present an opportunity for your store?



When clients with foot pain visit traditional shoe retailers, they expect - or at least hope - to leave with footwear that provides relief. If they had been able to resolve their issue with inexpensive insoles from a pharmacy or other more general type of store (or online seller), they might not be in your store now.

So when you try to determine the cause - and potential solutions for the issue, replacing their shoes alone may help the situation - but might not be enough. Quite often the foot-beds, even in higher quality shoes, do not meet the specific needs of clients with foot conditions. So if they come to your store and find the shoes to be an improvement, but not fully adequate, that’s an incomplete solution that might lead to a lost sale. 

If you can provide them with the combination of a better shoe with a foot bed that provides a substantial improvement, you now have a satisfied customer who will recommend your store to others. Additionally, you’ve increased the financial value of the sale with high margin accessories.



That’s where Saluber orthotic insoles come in.


For many of your clients, Saluber’s unique set of features will provide superior relief as compared with other brands of orthotics.

  • Many people with flat feet or over-pronation issues are unable to tolerate rigid orthotics. Saluber’s cushioned arch is generally tolerated by most people, and yet provides strong support without flattening out.

  • For people who need excellent cushioning for issues such as fat pad atrophy or heel spurs, Saluber offers full “Poron®” foot beds and double layered heel cushions. Poron is well known as being among the best materials available for cushioning and shock absorbance.

  • For people with fore-foot metatarsal pain, Saluber products are available with cushioned metatarsal pads to relieve pressure on sensitive nerves.

What will having Saluber products do for your business?

  • High Margins: Saluber orthotics generally produce higher sales margins than shoes, while taking up a smaller amount of show room space.

  • Minimal online competition: Saluber insoles are priced to enable retailers to earn excellent margins without encountering online discounting.

  • Repeat customers: Saluber insoles are exqusitely made. Your customers will notice the difference and come back for more.

So help your customers find the products they need, and bring additional sales and higher margins to our business.


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