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SaluberExperience Life-Changing Comfort AND Support With Saluber Orthotic Insoles

Made in Italy, Saluber orthotic insoles feature innovative designs and the finest materials available to create high-performance insoles that are both supportive and a pleasure to wear.  Saluber orthotic insoles provide proper biomechanical alignment without being overly rigid, are cushioned with Poron® for best-in-class impact protection and shock absorbance, and are covered in Alcantara® for a uniquely luxurious feel. Whether you need insoles for flat feet, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, or relief of foot pain from another source, Saluber orthotic insoles will support your feet in exquisite comfort. Saluber insoles are available in sizes from Womens size 4 (EU 34) through Mens 17 (EU 51), as well as in Extra-Wide sizes, and will improve comfort for all types of activities, whether walking, working, standing, or running. Please use our STORE LOCATOR to identify participating local foot care retailers and medical providers that stock arch support insoles from Saluber. Or you can purchase from this website.

Clinically Proven FORS™  Insole for Offloading Diabetic Foot Ulcers

The patented FORS™ Offloading Insole has been proven in multiple studies to provide effective and durable offloading for diabetic wounds on the bottom of the foot (plantar) to facilitate healing. See our FORS Offloading page to learn more about the best-in-class FORS™ insole and shoe options for foot ulcer treatment.

Retail Opportunities

BONAPEDA™ collaborates with local healthcare practitioners and specialty footwear retailers to offer clients the best possible personalized service. If you are a healthcare provider or retailer, please register for an account, and we will contact you to set up your wholesale account. You will be able to place wholesale orders on Bonapeda.com after your wholesale account has been approved.

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