Foot Scanners For Selling Off-The-Shelf Orthotics - Marketing Gimmick Or Real Customer Value?

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Foot Scanners For Selling Off-The-Shelf Orthotics - Marketing Gimmick Or Real Customer Value?

Saluber Orthotics Differentiate Your Practice And Provide Best In Class Comfort To Your Patients

Most Americans will experience some type of foot pain in their lives, discomfort that can make it impossible to work, and difficult just to get around. Unfortunately, when we are in pain, it's human nature to want a quick fix; and one of the fastest growing marketing trends to capitalize on the "quick fix" mentality is the use of foot scanners to replace human expertise.  Consider one of the biggest brands in the market, Dr. Scholl's®, which claims that with their "Custom FitTM Kiosk," consumers can step up to a computerized scanner that will immediately tell them exactly which Dr. Scholl's® "Custom FitTM" orthotic will provide effective relief for their ailment.  In reality though, there is nothing "custom" about Dr. Scholl's® "Custom FitTM" orthotics.  The products are prefabricated and loaded into the Dr. Scholl's® display.  The machine doesn't diagnose anything*, but then recommends 1 of 14 different off-the-shelf models of prefabricated 3/4 length (sulcus) inserts.  These 14 models cover all sizes, and all foot conditions.


From a marketing perspective, what Dr. Scholl's® and other big brands have done with foot scanners has been very effective. Their scanners can be found prominently displayed at retail outlets across the country which has increased market awareness, the technology has enabled general product merchandisers (like Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond®) to gain mindshare among consumers who have foot pain - and charge relatively high prices for products that might otherwise sell for far less, the machines are interesting and keep clients engaged, and for some people the orthotic products do bring relief.


But if you're a trained foot care or healthcare professional, you know that quick fixes are often short-lived, fail to address underlying issues, and frequently make things worse.  Foot ailments are complex, and your patients / clients vary broadly in terms of their lifestyles, expectations, and footwear compatibility with orthotics and insoles.  To provide the most optimal solution, you conduct a thorough examination, make a diagnosis, and then consider a variety of additional factors to fully assess the patient's situation and potential treatment options.  And then when it comes to providing solutions, you can bring an array of options to meet your patients' needs in terms of orthotic insoles, footwear, pricing, etc.  


Bonapeda keeps patients and customers coming back to you


With the Saluber line of orthotics (available from Bonapeda), you'll be able to provide your patients / clients with an exclusive brand of exquisitely made prefabricated products, at a reasonable price. We have numerous options to address your patient's specific issues, in sizes that range from Women's 4 - Men's 17, and including in extra wide sizes.  Saluber orthotics feature best-in-class materials and Italian workmanship.  In addition, Bonapeda does not offer online discounts for Saluber products, so your office won't be a showroom for online sellers, and your patients / clients will come back to you to obtain replacements.


Contact Bonapeda Enterprises

Bonapeda™ Enterprises LLC is the exclusive North American distributor of Saluber® products.  We distribute Saluber Orthotic products to healthcare providers and foot care retailers who are expert at providing excellent in-store / in-office product support. We focus is on wholesale sales, and support our retailers. Your patients and customers will appreciate the uniquely luxurious Alcantara® material,  and your business/practice will appreciate the unique product opportunity and margins it delivers to you.  To learn more about how the Saluber line of orthotics can benefit your clients, send us an e-mail or call us at 973-415-9090.


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