Saluber: Better Materials Make Superior Orthotics

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What do most customers need from orthotic insoles?

  1. Biomechanical support in one or more areas of the foot: Arch, Heel, and/or Metatarsal (mid-foot, rear-foot, forefoot).
  2. Shock absorption and impact protection to prevent injuries.
  3. Comfortable and durable foot interface with cushioning in high impact areas.
  4. Proper fit for the foot and in the shoes

To meet these requirements, the materials used to make the orthotics must withstand repetitive stress and extreme conditions...without breaking down. Saluber uses only the best and most wear-resistant materials: genuine American-made Poron® foam for cushioning and Italian-made Alcantara® fabric top covers.


Why should you care about the materials used to make orthotic insoles?


Because your customers will notice the superior touch and comfort of Saluber products.


Saluber® orthotic insoles provide the support and comfort your customers need, and are constructed from noticeably better materials that deliver a better customer experience. So why should you consider “materials of construction” when deciding which brands of orthotic insoles to stock? Continue reading for the answers.

Alcantara® Top Covers: Luxury Combined With Toughness


Made in Italy, Alcantara® simply feels great against the foot - whether barefoot or in socks. Made from a proprietary mixture of polyurethane, polyester, and microfibers, it feels comparable to fine suede, but without any of the downsides of an animal-based material. 

Alcantara® is:

  • Durable: It resists wear and abrasion better than most materials, even those that have a much harder surface finish. 
  • Breathable: keeping the feet warm during winter and cool during summer.
  • Soft to the touch, similar to a fine suede, creating a very relaxed feeling. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Man-made and carbon-neutral, does not contain any animal products.

You’ll find Alcantara® is a preferred upholstery material in many of the world’s finest automobile brands, such as Audi, Maserati, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Tesla. 

 Poron® Foam:  Best Shock Absorption and Cushioning 


Think about the stress and impact that insoles are subjected to, when your customers are walking and running 10,000 steps a day, or more. To protect your customer’s feet, their insoles need to absorb the impact of every step…literally millions of times.  

Unlike the standard EVA foams used in most insoles - which are known to crush, Saluber insoles are constructed with Poron® underneath the entire foot. Poron is renowned for durability, e.g. for resisting being crushed and “bottoming out”, as well as for providing superior protection from impact and shock. It simply provides better cushioning and lasts longer than other foams used in insoles. In fact, many companies incorporate little “buttons” of Poron in their insoles in high stress areas, to improve protection - at a minimal cost. Saluber doesn’t skimp on Poron. People walk with their entire feet, and so Saluber uses Poron to protect the entire foot.



Advantages of Poron:

  • Doesn’t lose its capacity to absorb shock over time, remains elastic, even with rough usage. 
  • Superior shock absorption and softness, creating orthotic insoles that both protect and that are comfortable.
  • Sustainable. Uses renewable plant-based components versus petroleum based. 

Alcantara® and Poron® are expensive materials, but are also clearly better. Using generous amounts of Alcantara® and Poron® translates into orthotics that provide strong support, comfort, and durable performance; which creates satisfied customers and recurring sales for your store.


How can Saluber Orthotics help me?


If you are focused on foot comfort, Saluber Orthotics can be a valuable tool to address your client's needs, increase revenue, and create repeat business. Saluber Orthotics provide healthy retail margins and are not discounted online. Click the button below to schedule a call on how to become a Saluber reseller!



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