How Do Metatarsal Pads Relieve Foot Pain?

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How do metatarsal pads relieve foot pain?


Metatarsal pads - or “met pads” - are raised areas or “bumps” added to orthotic insoles to provide support for your metatarsal bones and shift pressure away from irritated nerves. Metatarsal pads can also help improve the alignment of the foot, which can reduce stress on the joints and muscles and prevent future foot problems. If you have been suffering from pain in your forefeet or from plantar fasciitis, you may find relief by using orthotic insoles with built-in metatarsal pads, or by attaching metatarsal pads to regular insoles. (Note, people with diabetes who are at-risk for diabetic foot injuries should always consult their health care professional before evaluating or wearing any footwear.)


What foot conditions are commonly treated with met pads?

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Neuroma (pain associated with a “pinched” nerve or benign nerve tumor)
  • Fat pad atrophy or loss
  • Arthritis


How do I know if I need a metatarsal pad?


Met pads are helpful for many people, but not for all. You will likely have to try wearing a met pad to determine if it helps you.

Insoles with built-in metatarsal pads, and add-on metatarsal pads, are widely available in stores and online. Quite frequently, foot doctors (podiatrists) and other foot care professionals will suggest or prescribe insoles with metatarsal pads based on their examination of the feet. And yet, even with a professional consultation, some patients who are prescribed met pads find the “bumps” to be uncomfortable, while others find substantial pain relief and never go back to insoles without met-pads.

Not all Met Pads are created equal.


In general, met pads can be worn in most shoes and typically consist of a somewhat round pad inserted behind the toes and under the “balls” of your feet. Beyond those basic features, there is often significant variation between manufacturers in terms of shape, height, width, and hardness. The location of the met pad is also critical for correct stress reduction, so it is important to make sure the met pads in any off-the-shelf orthotics work for you.



Saluber orthotic insoles are available with built-in metatarsal pads made from comfortable Poron® foam, that provide solid support without being rigid. The placement of the met pads in Saluber orthotics varies with each of the available sizes, ranging from Women’s 4 through Men's 17, as well as in sizes for wide feet. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or forefoot pain, and your current insoles are not providing adequate support, then insoles from Saluber with met pads might be the right choice for you!

How can Saluber Orthotics help my retail store?


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