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img H485-46W: COMFORT Full-Length Orthotic Insoles with Arch Support and Metatarsal Pad, Extra-Thick 5mm Padding, EXTRA WIDE

AUTHOR: Brad Walstrom

Review Title: Happy Feet

Review Add on: 2023-01-20

Average Rating: (5)

I was born with flat feet and had trouble finding shoes that fit and were comfortable. In 2019 I discovered the Saluber insoles at a local Foot Solutions store and they were really very comfortable. Every time I got a new pair of shoes, I would get a new pair of insoles for them. Just recently when I got a new pair of shoes, I found that the store had dropped the Saluber insoles and tried to sell me another brand. I said no thanks, I am very happy with what I have been using. I went on-line to find another source for my favorite insoles and was lucky to find this source. Thank you for making my feet happy.


Product Quality : (5)
On-Time Delivery : (5)
Customer Service : (5)