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img FORS™-15 Offloading Insole WITH "Open-Toe" Post Op Shoe


Review Title: Great company - Great experience

Review Add on: 2024-05-15

Average Rating: (5)

I first learned about Bonapeda while reading reviews on offloading insoles sold by Amazon. I called the company and spoke to Marc Goldberg, the owner of the company. At this point I had visited my podiatrist several times, suffering through painful debridement on my diabetic foot ulcer with no improvement. The hospital-issued offloading insole just wasn't giving me any relief, Marc was kind enough to spend about a half hour on the phone with me, explaining how offloading insoles work in the treatment of diabetic ulcers and specifically. why the FORS - 15 offloading insole is far superior to the other brands. I was a little hesitant on the price, but I also realized that my ulcer was not getting any better. I could not have been happier with my purchase. The FORS-15 offloading insole felt significantly more substantial than the others that I had tried. My particular diabetic ulcer was located on on the outside edge of my foot, The FORS-15 had removeable plugs all the way to the edge of the insole. The other insoles on the market had a 1/4" hard rubber border all around the edge which was unremovable. I am now on the road to recovery and could not be more pleased with my purchase. Bonapeda is a great company to do business with. Marc is very personable and has great knowledge about the product line.


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