Praise For The FORSTM-15 Insole

(U.S. Patent 10,441,031)

  • "The FORS insole is very cost effective and provides superior plantar offloading as compared with other available shoe-based systems. Unlike the TCC which requires significant training and expertise before it can be applied and a significant time commitment for our clinicians, the FORS insole can easily be modified for our patients by any of the clinic personnel with only minimal training and takes only minutes to apply.  In an independent study in our clinic the FORS insole was demonstrated to remove significant pressure from areas of ulceration. Coupled with a non-removable dressing technique such as the Rader Football or the Felted Foam Dressing the FORS insole in a rocker soled cam boot or surgical shoe can be used as a cost effective, proven first-line therapy for many of the plantar wounds we encounter.  A single FORS insole will typically last long enough to be used through wound closure to the transition to a patient’s final footwear. The FORS insole reduces the need for clinicians to replace it with other offloading devices. Considering the fact that in the Philadelphia area the reimbursement for applying and removing many of the commercially available TCCs only allow for approximately $25 in net revenue, the single expense FORS insole may allow clinicians to significantly reduce expenses, and still achieve similar wound healing outcomes.”     James McGuire, DPM, PT, L.Ped (Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine)
  • "As a podiatrist working in a busy hospital-based wound care center, I have recently incorporated the use of the FORS-15 insole as a pressure reduction option in treating my patients with plantar foot wounds. This newly available insole, which is made of durable high-quality lightweight materials, is easily customizable and can be used inside a rocker-bottom surgical shoe or a rigid walking boot.  When used in conjunction with utilization of a “team approach” and use of modern wound care techniques, I have found it to be a highly cost-effective option for plantar pressure reduction. It has shown to dramatically reduce the severity of wounds, decrease healing times, and reduce amputation rates."     Payam Rafat, DPM, AACFAS, C.Ped., COF  (Montefiore Medical Center, Mount Vernon, NY)
  • "The FORSTM-15 insole is a viable, cost-effective, highly durable, and easy-to-use alternative to the total contact cast offloading system that should be seriously considered when TCC is contraindicated, impractical, or when patient compliance is a concern. Considering that 20% of ulcers reoccur within 90 days, consideration should also be given to using the FORSTM-15 insole as a transitional method of treatment out of the total contact cast until patients are fitted for their final diabetic shoes." Excerpt from A Clinical and Quantitative Assessment of the FORS Insole, a Novel Shoe-based Offloading System, poster presented at A-DFS Conference, November 2017, Harry Penny, DPM, DABPM, FAPWAc et al

Click on thumbnail below to download poster presented at A-DFS Conference, November 2017

Click on thumbnail below to download poster presentation regarding FORS insole presented by Payam Rafat DPM and Sameer Khan DPM at the SAWC and at Desert Foot conferences, November 2016

Click on thumbnail below to download poster demonstrating 43.4% reduction in plantar forces using the FORS-15 insole, presented at APMA National meeting, July 29, 2017 by James McGuire, DPM, PT, L.Ped (Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine)

Dr. James McGuire of Temple University at Academy of Podiatric Continuing Medical Education, Fairlawn, NJ, 1/15/2017.


Praise For Saluber Non-Custom Orthotics

  • “For those situations where non-custom orthotics are appropriate, the Saluber devices provide options - they are well constructed, effective, and  my patients perceive them as being of superior quality….of which they are! The bottom line is, when my patients are happy with a product they get from me, they refer their friends and family to me, and that makes me happy!”   Andrew Shapiro, DPM, FACFAS, Valley Stream, NY
  • "I generally recommend Saluber products for patients who require cushioning and support after they have been successfully treated for pain associated with heel spur syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, neuromas and in some cases, pain associated with leg length differences. In my experience, Saluber orthotics, sold by BONAPEDA Enterprises, offer the best performance and quality and most economical choice compared to other off-the-shelf orthotics for my patients. My patients trust that I will give them the best treatment plan and recommend the most appropriate products available to them. When I see my patients, they've already tried the ineffective and often times inappropriate OTCs from the local pharmacies and sporting good stores. Generally, my patients have been extremely happy with Saluber orthotics. I am extremely happy with the prompt and pleasant customer service at Bonapeda."   Catherine Lee DPM, New York, New York
  • "These devices have added a product line that meets the needs of a variety of patients at an affordable cost, which makes it a win-win for both of us. It is especially useful for patients with forefoot bursitis or OA who still like dress shoes.   Carri Lakin, DPM, Charleston, WV
  • "I am very pleased with the quality of the Bonapeda products including the Alcantara® Saluber orthotics and the wool lined Saluber orthotics. My patients actually enjoy wearing these Italian made products and refer other patients to me."   Dr. Corinne Kauderer DPM, FACFAOM;  Past President, AAWP
  • "When I recommend Saluber orthotics for my patients I describe them as our "luxury prefabricated orthotic line". Consistently, the patients concur. The wool anatomical insole has been popular for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts here in New England. The orthotics are very well-made, comfortable, functional, attractive and slim, suitable for the majority of appropriate shoe styles and foot types."  Dr. R. Lopresto Portsmouth, New Hampshire

What makes Saluber® orthotics and FORSTM-15 insoles an excellent choice?

1. Materials

ALCANTARA®: Produced exclusively by Alcantara S.p.a. of Italy, ALCANTARA® covering offers a unique set of properties that is ideal for covering insoles and orthotics, including: a soft and supple finish, extreme durability, breathability, moisture-repelling, bacteria resistant, non-allergenic, and non-slippery. These same properties have made ALCANTARA® a leading material used to upholster many of the worlds finest automobiles, yachts, aircraft, and furniture.

PORON®: Renowned for resilience and “spring-back”, PORON® absorbs shock, reduces heel and metatarsal impact and vibration, and helps maintain correct posture; thereby absorbing the vibrations transmitted to the joints and spine during walking.


2. Design, Workmanship & Options


Example 1:  Full Length PREMIUM and COMFORT Alcantara® Orthotics (H485-46 shown)

Example 2: FORS-151 Offloading with Removable Cells for Plantar Ulcers (M494-15PZ shown)