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The FORS™ Offloading Insole: Affordable, Convenient, Proven Effective!1,4,5



Providing Your Patients With Quality Offloading Doesn't Need To Be Complicated.

  • >40% pressure reduction. Recent studies prove FORS provides better offloading than the leading competitive product.
  • Comfortable to wear, and studies show high rates of patient compliance and healing.
  • For patients at risk of falling (neurapathy, stability issues), FORS may be safer, more effective, and more feasible than offloading approaches such as TCC, knee-high boots, or wedge shoes.
  • Highly durable, and washable in event of drainage.
  • Sizes to fit standard surgical shoes, therapeutic CAM Boots, and also can be trimmed to fit.



Better Offloading. Better Outcomes.


1).  No Edge Effect

  • In a recent peer-reviewed study, NO increased edge pressure was observed with FORS, whereas edge pressure was significantly increased with the market leading product1.It has long been established that shifting pressure to the edges can cause neuropathic ulcers to increase in size.10


2).  Lasts Up to 5x Longer

  3). Better Durability and Performance

  • Plugs don't shift or fall out
  • Withstands heavy weight without bottoming out
  • Consistently offloads with minimal change over time.


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Physicians discuss experience using FORS (2 min)Importance of offloading for healing DFUs (1 min)




How to modify FORS for patient offloading (3 min)How to cut and trim FORS to fit different shapes (1 min)




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*Statement from Dr. James McGuire, DPM, LPT, LPed, FAPWc, Professor Clinical Scholar, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Recorded June, 2021. (


**The FORS Insole is covered by U.S. Patent 10,441,031