How Can Saluber Non-Custom Orthotics Contribute To Your Practice or Business?

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How Can Saluber Non-Custom Orthotics Contribute To Your Practice or Business?

In today’s competitive market, healthcare providers and specialty retailers (pedorthic/orthopedic) need unique and innovative products to increase their revenue and margin while offering superior value to their patients and customers. By including best-in-class non-custom orthotics and insoles in your product mix, health care providers and retailers can differentiate themselves from their competition. Saluber’s high quality coupled with your foot care expertise will allow you to provide superior value to your customers and, in turn, will increase retention and referrals.


What will having Saluber products do for your practice or business?

  • Higher Margins: Specialty products such as non-custom orthotics generally produce higher margins up while taking up a smaller amount of real estate than other products, such as shoes.
  • Avoid online and price-based competition: Saluber products are distributed exclusively to health care providers and specialty foot care retailers who are expert at fitting orthotics. We do not "authorize" any online resellers in the US.
  • Maintain customer / patient loyalty: By providing unique high quality products that offer exceptional comfort you will be filling a need for your patients and customers who, in turn, will continue to look to you for solutions.

Foot care accessory products enable HC providers and retailers to enhance their margings with add-on sales that don't require significant retail space. The risk, is whether the accessories will move. Saluber’s non-custom orthotics and insoles are currently generating significant sales and profits in many medical and retail facilities - like yours, with predictable inventory turns and steady sales. Saluber’s growing brand recognition will keep you top of mind as customer’s look for reasonably priced solutions, especially when custom orthotics may not be necessary or covered by insurance.

What Makes Saluber PREMIUM Orthotics Different?  Saluber Design and Workmanship:

What makes BONAPEDATM Enterprises LLC an excellent business partner?

  1. Sold only to medical and allied healthcare professionals
  2. Products not available direct-to-consumer on the internet
  3. Solid margins
  4. Easy web-based ordering that prevents unauthorized visitors
  5. Retail support options, including displays, literature, etc.

Contact Bonapeda Enterprises

Bonapeda™ Enterprises LLC is the exclusive North American distributor of Saluber® products.  We distribute Saluber Orthotic products exclusively to healthcare providers and specialty retailers who are expert at providing excellent in-store / in-office product support. Our focus is on wholesale sales, and we discourage online sales of the orthotic products to consumers. Your patients and customers will appreciate the uniquely luxurious Alcantara® material,  and your business/practice will appreciate the unique product opportunity and margins it delivers to you.  To learn more about how the Saluber line of orthotics can benefit your patients, send us an e-mail or call us at 973-415-9090.

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