What do Saluber Orthotics and Lamborghini®, Ferrari®, and Porsche® Share in Common?

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When you tell your patients or customers that they need orthotics, and present them with non-custom orthotics that they can purchase from you, they closely scrutinize the product. One of the first attributes that they notice is the top cover material. If the top cover is ordinary and undifferentiated, your patients or customers may view the orthotics you are recommending to be the same as what they can buy online or in a pharmacy / discount store.  Saluber® orthotics are different, and differentiated.  Saluber orthotics feature the uniquely luxurious material Alcantara®, which is a premium quality man-made material that has ideal properties for covering insoles and orthotics, including:

  • Soft and luxurious feel, similar to suede, but without the natural deterioration, smells and other downsides of leather products
  • Non-allergenic and bacteria resistant, Alcantara® permits air exchange, absorbs perspiration and is easy to clean
  • Tough and abrasion resistant, minimizes slip and sheer while providing a durable, comfortable, smooth and supple surface

If you are not yet familiar with Alcantara®, you probably will be soon, as it is currently used to upholster some of world's finest automobiles. Please click on the picture (or link) below for more information.

CLICK HERE To Learn About How Alcantara® Is Becoming The Standard Of Excellence In Luxury Automobiles

Bonapeda is the exclusive North American distributor of Saluber® products.  We distribute Saluber Orthotic products exclusively to healthcare providers and specialty retailers who are expert at providing excellent in-store / in-office product support. Our focus is on wholesale sales, and we discourage online sales of the orthotic products to consumers. Your patients and customers will appreciate the uniquely luxurious Alcantara® material,  and your business/practice will appreciate the unique product opportunity and margins it delivers to you.

Bonapeda Enterprises LLC and Saluber Srl. have no affiliation with Lamborghini®, Ferrari®, or Porsche®.

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